Zerebrum is a German word that means 'Cerebrum'. The High IQ Network was founded in 2020 by Randy Myers, published author of numerous logic and fiction books that are sold internationally on/at Barnes and Nobles, Books-A-Million, and other book stores. Randy has developed dozens of High-Range IQ Tests and was measured at genius-level at age 11. He won the PBS Ghost writing award that same year.

Zerebrum consists of 6 high IQ societies. The easiest high IQ society to qualify for, Tüchtig meaning 'competent' in German, requires an IQ of 115, and the most difficult high IQ society to qualify for, Höchste meaning 'highest' in German, requires and IQ of 165, both on the standard deviation of 15.

Any member of the six high IQ societies is automatically a member of Zerebrum.